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  • A Nice Surprise from Microsoft
    A Nice Surprise from Microsoft
    It was there at Build developer conference where Microsoft announced the release of their new product, Visual Studio Code, a code editor, used to write cloud and web apps on Linux, Windows and OS platforms.
  • How to make a website with Notepad
    How to make a website with Notepad
    Websites. We use them every day. Is it hard to create your own website? Let's find in out!
  • How to download Hamachi
    How to download Hamachi
    You want to create a secure home network? Read our review and download Hamachi first!
  • How to install Hamachi
    How to install Hamachi
    Read our review and learn how to install Hamachi!
  • How to download Notepad++
    How to download Notepad++
    Notepad++ is a perfect smallish instrument to edit programming code. It ensures that you have the best environment, so read further to learn how to download Notepad++!